Calibre Care Reacher Grabber Ideal For The Elderly, Disabled & The Hard To Reach Places, Eliminates Bending Over & Straining With It’s Rotating Head.

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Product Features

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; in the unlikely event there’s anything wrong with your ‘Reach it Grab it’, we offer a completely hassle free money back guarantee.
  • IMPROVES QUALITY OF LIFE for people who find bending and reaching a strain. The ‘Reach it Grab it’ is the best assist tool on the market as demonstrated by our reviews. On a day-to-day basis, its 90 degree swivel head is a great feature for those who suffer with arthritis, back pain and sore knees making it stress free to reach objects that are in hard to get places.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, rust proof aluminium body is robust and durable making it suitable for all types of work, indoors and out.
  • NON SLIP rubber claws, that ensure your target object never gets damaged when being picked up – in fact, the 4.5″ wide jaws are accurate enough to grab a coin from off of the floor.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED TRIGGER, the ‘Reach it Grab it’ is designed to provide maximum comfort for the user. The plastic handle also has a soft rubberised surface making it fit perfectly in your hand and easy to hold.

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Product Description

The secret to eliminating hand, arm, back and knee strain..
Finding it a struggle to reach, stretch and bend? If simple tasks are no longer so easy Reach it Grab it is the perfect solution.
Its firm and accurate grip allows you to pick almost anything, in fact, it’s so accurate you can even pick up a small coin from the floor!
The best multi-purpose reaching aid that gives you the easy way to pick up and clean up!
Features of Reach it Grab it:
1. Easy to use, perfect for the old and young
2. Strong grip with non-slip grab jaws
3. Reliable smooth mechanism made from high quality precision components
4. Sturdy construction for years of happy grabbing
5. Ergonomic design makes it a pleasure to use
Benefits of Reach it Grab it :
1. Improves quality of life for people with back pain including spinal injuries, arthritis, knee, hip and joint pain. Reaching aids make life easier, safer and less strenuous for many by reducing the risk of strains and helping them complete tasks that would otherwise be too difficult or painful.
2. Picking up objects lost in tight spaces can be hard even when using a normal reaching aid. The Reach it Grab it features a swivel head, which offers a full 90 degree turning angle, almost anywhere becomes accessible.
3. High grade aluminium construction means that it won’t rust, making it suitable for all outdoor work including removing pond debris and litter picking.
4. Using high quality reaching aids helps people to maintain their independence.
It is also designed to be robust and manufactured from the highest quality materials that will last long into the future, each and every Calibre Care product is backed by 100% Money Back Guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.
So what are you waiting for? Click ADD TO CART now; the sooner you order the sooner you can eliminate your hand, arm, back and knee strain!

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