Shower Slippers X-LARGE

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Product Features

  • Latex free rubber soles.
  • Loose knit nylon lets water in to keep feet clean.
  • Available in white only.
  • Shoe size determines correct fit.
Price: $15.55

(as of 03/23/2018 02:36 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Shower Slippers are breathable slippers that feature latex-free rubber soles that provide a nonskid surface. Loose knit nylon upper of the Shower Slippers lets water in to keep feet clean and is comfortable on the skin. Machine washable. PLEASE NOTE: Shower Slippers are not intended to provide stable footing on wet or slippery surfaces, such as wet or slippery floors or shower stalls. Soles should be dry before allowing patient to walk unassisted. Wet soles will not grip firmly.

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